Public Register / Register of Statutory Auditors

Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (WPK) maintains the public register of German Public Accountants und German Public Audit Firms. Besides the administration of data about the members of WPK it also serves as the public register of statutory auditors and audit firms according to the EU Statutory Audit Directive (Art. 15).

The public register/register of statutory auditors contains the following legally required information about:

  • German Public Accountants/German Sworn Auditors
  • German Public Audit Firms/ German Firms of Sworn Auditors
  • Audit Firms of the European Union/European Economic Area
  • Third-Country Auditors and Third-Country Audit Entities
  • Cooperative Audit Associations and Cooperative Audit Offices of an Association of Savings and Clearing Banks

The current status of the public register is kept in electronic form and is accessible to the public.

We also offer a directory of public registers of auditors and audit firms of further Member States in the EU.