2 August 2022

Transparency Reports 2021/2022 (Art. 13 Regulation (EU) 537/2014)

According to Art. 13 Regulation (EU) 537/2014, public accountants and public accounting firms that carry out statutory audits of public-interest entities must publish a transparency report on their websites every year and inform the competent authority - in Germany the Auditor Oversight Body [Abschlussprüferaufsichtsstelle (APAS)].

The Board of Management at the WPK has decided to continue to inform about the published transparency reports on the WPK website. An overview with links to the relevant website is now available. The current list of the 2021/2022 transparency reports includes the auditors of public-interest entities whose financial year-end was in the last calendar year.

In addition, the transparency reports published in the previous four years are archived. We refer to the archiving requirement under Art. 13 para. 1 sentence 2 Regulation (EU) 537/2014.