27 May 2022

Jobs Portal for Ukrainian Refugees Launched – Auditors/Chartered Accountants Can Publish Vacancies Free of Charge

Professional services have a strong integrative power, as shown by the continuing growing proportion of apprentices with foreign roots, now just under 16 %, and other indicators. From the start of the war in Ukraine they volunteered their expertise in the service of looking after and supporting people fleeing the conflict. Against this background, the Federation of German Independent Professionals [Bundesverband der Freien Berufe (BFB)] has launched a Jobs Portal for Ukrainian refugees.

Help with the Shortage of Professionals

The portal was developed with the support of the BFB member organisations. It has great potential to be a winner for both sides - a job opportunity for the Ukrainians and help with the shortage of specialists in the independent professions. The WPK also supports the project. Public and chartered accountants are invited to place job opportunities free of charge.


The portal is aimed equally at young people who are looking for a placement or an apprenticeship and at people with experience who can choose between a regular job or a placement.

All of the details - except for the free text field - are automatically translated into English and Ukrainian. Prior to publication, all of the vacancies are checked individually to ensure that no undesirable vacancies end up on the jobs portal. Contact is then direct, between the job seekers and the employers.